Dedicated Compassionate Care

Dixie Primary Care aims to provide quality comprehensive medical care and to serve as your medical home: your gateway to the rest of the medical services in the St George community.

Dixie Primary Care Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

As an Internal Medicine group, we are specially trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems. We handle simple to severe chronic illnesses and situations which could occur at the same time.

Office Dermatology

Office Dermatology

Doing regular physical examinations starting in adolescents encourages meeting wellness goals decade after decade. In addition, it also provides early detection of cancer.



Acupuncture is a collection of procedures that involves the stimulation of points on the body. The practice uses a variety of techniques, such as penetrating the skin with needles. Which then are manipulated manually or by electrical stimulation.

Dixie Primary Care Womens Health

Womens Health

We offer wellness counseling and routine screening of women from the adolescent years to the geriatric population. Such as: physical examinations, breast cancer screening, STD screening, Pap smears, and sports physicals and will advise referrals for further tests.

Dixie Primary Care Mens Health

Mens Health

Our facility also provides general wellness physical examinations, prostate screening, male hormone concerns. We also do sports physicals from adolescent years to the geriatric population. Musculoskeletal issues are addressed as these can inhibit sports performance such as running, hiking, pickleball, or golf.

Hormone Replacement Therapy


We have completed additional training in hormone replacement therapy. Also, we recognize the multitudes of disease presentations related to deficiencies or overactivity of not only female hormones. Yet, it also can be other hormones in the endocrine system which may affect sleep and weight.

Our Approach & Values

We provide our patients with the most caring and compassionate health care in the industry. We take a holistic approach when treating our patients. We blend both western and eastern style medicines. Our belief is that medicine, should be an integrative approach to disease prevention and treatment. Through exercise, proper nutrition / healthy diet, and stress control. We also recognize that the current practice of medicine involves a lot of testing and prescription medications. Therefore, we encourage all our patients to be proactive in taking care of their general health at home. Through developing a genuine desire to stay well. Our goal is to support them by minimizing medications and using our clinical acumen in doing appropriate tests. Our clinic is equipped to do on the spot testing for specific tests.

Dixie Primary Care Values

"I absolutely love going to Dixie Primary Care and seeing Stacey Sumpter. She is the best Nurse Practitioner, always listens and is very attentive, its like seeing a doctor without the wait. If you are looking for an amazing primary care team, this is the place and I highly recommend them and Stacey."


"Great office, been a patient for many years. Wait time is about average but staff and care are better than many other offices. Clean, comfortable, and very reassuring for a medical office."


This place is Amazing. They have Amazing Doctors and staff who put your Healthcare as their first priority, talking you through everything. I was blown away by the support I received and continue to at Dixie Primary Care.


This place is dedicated to compassionate care! They have become like family to me! I Recommend Dixie Primary care 10 out of 10 times!


Astonishing customer service, amazing attention to detail and very easy to schedule!! Oh, and not to mention. They have an absolutely amazing facility! These people treat you with the upmost professionalism and give off a very tenderizing, family-oriented vibe from the second you walk in and you truly cannot find that anywhere else! Dixie Primary Care offers some of the greatest, and most talented doctors you can find with million dollar personalities!!!!


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